General Construction

Whether the scope of the project is new construction, renovation or remodeling, the SBS Green Construction team has the experience to assist its clients with plan analysis, value engineering and construction of single and multi-story projects over a wide geographic area. Whether a negotiated or competitive bid process, SBS is always seeking opportunities to work with clients who already have their complete plans and specifications and are ready to commence construction.

Even though SBS was not included in the process. SBS Green Construction has consistently deliver its projects on time within budget.

Design & Build Construction

Large scale developments required and experienced, creative and flexible team that can turn a client’s marketing program into practical and profitable reality. SBS Green Construction excels in innovative design-built techniques and provides the solid direction which results in successful commercial projects.

The most challenging and rewarding part of our services, developing a complete team of design professionals and coordinating all their activities yields the most cohesive plans and specifications for eventual construction. The design-build approach to developing a project allows SBS Green Construction the most input into the pre-construction process while allowing the developer to concentrate on running his business and seeking additional development opportunities.