Feasibility Studies Services

SBS Group feasibility study would include a point of reference, objectives, scope, assumptions made, constraints, budgets, costs, resources, deliverables, success criteria, project phases if applicable, time schedules, strategies, risks and responsibilities. Encompassing a wide spectrum of relevant information, the study can be customized to suit client or project requirements. Feasibility studies conducted by SBS Group […]

Design Management Services

Management of the design stage, whether during project inception or re-design during the construction phase, requires experienced coordination within key disciplines. Whether the design incorporates Structural or Architectural, SBS Group Design Management has the key resources at its disposal to provide the best solutions for clients. SBS Group recognizes the close relationship between design and […]

Project Management Services

Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing, and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project goals and objectives. The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the project goals and objectives while honoring the preconceived project constraints. Responsibilities under Project Management:- Project Planning Cost Management Time Management […]

Construction Management Services

Tailor made solutions and services focused on business requirements Construction Management is the overall planning, coordination and control of a project from inception to completion aimed at meeting a client’s requirements in order to produce a functionally and financially viable project that will be completed on time within authorized cost and to the required quality […]