Feasibility Studies Services

SBS Group feasibility study would include a point of reference, objectives, scope, assumptions made, constraints, budgets, costs, resources, deliverables, success criteria, project phases if applicable, time schedules, strategies, risks and responsibilities. Encompassing a wide spectrum of relevant information, the study can be customized to suit client or project requirements.

Feasibility studies conducted by SBS Group whether technical or financial are compiled by experts in their respective fields. Where 24/7 operations requiring N+1 redundancy and extra high security systems are involved, additional support from specialist designers would be sought following establishment of adequate briefing documentation.

The viability of the potential project against a set of parameters such as time, expense, resources required and technical aspects is determined. A good feasibility study puts the management in a better position to make a valid decision on whether to proceed with the construction or not. In addition a worthwhile Feasibility Study will generally reduce total project costs. Not only will it highlight likely project requirements in terms of budgetary amounts and manpower levels, but it also assists the formulation of the risk mitigation strategy, contributing to successful project delivery.