Construction Management Services

Tailor made solutions and services focused on business requirements Construction Management is the overall planning, coordination and control of a project from inception to completion aimed at meeting a client’s requirements in order to produce a functionally and financially viable project that will be completed on time within authorized cost and to the required quality standards. SBS Management Team is staffed by experienced Architects and Engineers in the construction industry whose experience in managing complex construction projects involving multiple bid packages. Well researched and defined projects generally reduce construction costs.

Construction Management involves the following:

1. Pre Construction:

Initial construction management services usually before or during the design stage, for which we develop budget evaluations and cost models, and also assess project schedules to verify project handover date(s).

Detailed design reviews are undertaken for the key package disciplines aimed at assessing design and constructability. This is carried out with a view to avoiding extensive design revisions during construction stage. Buildability reviews and a value engineering process are included into this design review period along with energy management assessments. Management of procurement supply chain is assessed during pre construction stage to identify critical long lead items and to categorize any material conflicts that may impact the construction timetable. The management of procurement is a continuous process which is closely monitored until final handover.

During the tender stage, appraisals and vetting of Contractors and Suppliers is undertaken, to verify their capability to undertake the works. Selection is based on a number of requirements such as track record, current undertakings, financial capabilities, competitiveness, management structure, safety record, and quality assurance etc.

2. Construction:

SBS administration of contracts is implemented using an established set of controls. Communication lines, project procedures, roles and responsibilities and regular coordination meetings are established along with constant monitoring to ensure contract conformance. We deploy a permanent on-site presence of experienced professional engineers and construction managers so we can constantly monitor compliance to design intent, quality of the construction process and progress, safety regulations and environmental issues etc.

Stringent cost control and change order controls are applied, not only to provide the client with the highest level of project transparency, but additionally to allow the client to make updated informed decisions before contractor/supplier commitments are made.

The whole project cycle is documented using detailed reporting processes such as forecasted final cost, change order valuations, cost to complete, work progress reviews etc. This allows the Client and the Project Team to have a clear picture of the status of the project and any given point during the program, and highlights any key issues that have to be addressed. Document procedures and reporting tools used on our projects are issued and monitored by our by our office.

Before testing and commissioning begins a testing strategy procedure and check list is developed. Roles and responsibilities are defined along with the objectives of all test stages and the techniques that apply.

SBS specialists in building systems ensure effective commissioning and proper instructions on system operations and maintenance procedures. The implementation philosophy behind this being the improvement of operating efficiency and environmental performance of the building over its life cycle.

3. Post Construction:

Post construction services after handover include preparation and submitter of all operation manuals and handover documents including testing and commissioning reports.

Extensive contractor claim reviews are conducted with special emphasis placed on verifying quantities, man hour logs and receipt details. Final negotiations and settlement of accounts are then concluded.